Posted by: Alexandre Borovik | November 20, 2010

Caption competition

Enter your caption in comments.



  1. “A photograph of Professor Sacha Ivanovitch Stulov, a few minutes after being appointed chairman of the mathematical faculty.”

  2. “Take a seat here on this perpendicular line”

  3. “One must be able to say at all times — instead of points, straight lines, and planes — tables, chairs, and beer mugs.”

  4. “Of course, one little drawback of this method of drawing lines is that you cannot sit through an exam…”

  5. Seat of the rulers

  6. and the chair of the hypotenuse

  7. “I have found a new method for trisecting the angle.”

  8. “We will now prove Brouwer’s Fixed Point Theorem, using a proof due orignally to Marcel Breuer.”

  9. “In Soviet Russia math teaches you.”

  10. Seat of the rulers

  11. If this competition were held in Swedish, one could probably make up something funny about “liggande stolen”, which means “the lying chair” (with the meaning of “to lie down”, not “to tell a lie”!). That’s the Swedish name for the method of long division that used to be taught in schools until a few years ago (nowadays they apparently only teach short division).

  12. “This would be the best approximation to the saddle point I can produce”

  13. Women also do math — but they are invisible.

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