Posted by: Alexandre Borovik | June 16, 2013

Comparative linguistics, circa 1860

От того, что так много на французском языке говориться и много было хорошего писано, язык выработался очень хорошо: на нем можно выразить такие мелочные, вежливые и пустые тонкости, каких не скажешь на прямом, строгом, сильном языке, которым говорит вся Русская Земля.

Мир Божий: Руководство по русскому языку для приготовительного класса [военно-учебных заведений] / Сост. А. Разин. Спб., 1860.



  1. You will find the same kind of lament for many pairs of languages but very often, until the 20th century, they complain about the adulteration of their language by french. You might want to lookup English Linguistic Purism and its many variants (sometimes ridiculous). There is the page as a starting point.

    There were regularly reactions and advocates in Germany to recreate words from german roots to replace (mainly french) loanwords or imitations. One of the most active (and pedagogy inspired) Sprachpurist of the 18th century was Campe ( But there have been linguist purists in germany in all periods, sometimes nationalistic. You can lookup “Verdeutschung” (a very german noun for germanization).

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