Posted by: Alexandre Borovik | September 17, 2011

Moebius Noodles Project

I was asked to distribute this appeal from “mathy parents” to support their fascinating project: to build an Creative Commons book  and an open access  depositary with resources for  kids’  mathematical activities.

We would like to ask you to help in any way you can, and spread the word, to create an open parent activity book and site for the youngest kids. You know many people who care.

We are building a Creative Commons book and support site for parents who want to enjoy math with their kids.

The project, starting with the book, will build a community providing peer-to-peer support for parents in ways not currently available elsewhere. From responses from our pilot tests with local math clubs and online parent classes, we expect users of Moebius Noodles to significantly change their approach to early education and their very definition of what mathematics means. We start with the existing parents’ needs and wishes which we have studied and analyzed. We address those, but take them to the next level of mathematical sophistication.

Please contribute to the Moebius Noodles fundraising campaign, and spread the word on your blogs and sites about helping to create open and free materials for the youngest mathematicians!

Why are we doing it and why do you care?

  1. There are very few materials and no community support for smart math for babies and toddlers. Just try to find anything that is not about counting or simple shapes! Mathy parents create opportunities for their own kids, of course. But without support and resources, it’s very hard even for the rocket scientist mothers and fathers. We want to change that!
  2. Peer-to-peer learning, research and development groups in mathematics education need a process for crowd-funding their projects. We are the trailblazers for other fabulous communities that want to make open and free math materials with the support of their members, such as the group developing materials for learning mathematics through music, the play math network, and the math circle problem-solving depository project.
  3. We are creating OERs – Open Educational Materials. It means people can access, use, modify and share the materials for free. Imagine the project you support translated into any language in the world, and used freely to support young kids everywhere!
  4. The activities are sustainable in many senses. You can use everyday household items and recycle materials for Moebius Noodles games.
  5. If you are a parent or teacher who loves arts and crafts but is afraid of math, the book will help you teach your kids mathematics through your talents. If you are a math or science geek who envies other families always doing neat art projects, the arts-math bridge in the book goes both ways!

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