Posted by: Alexandre Borovik | July 30, 2011

Growing number of children ‘don’t know their own name’ when starting school

This is an article in The Telegraph. Some quotes:

The problem is most acute in deprived areas, where researchers found half of youngsters have communication difficulties when starting school.

Jean Gross, the government’s communication champion for children, said she discovered the problem while speaking to head teachers in Hull and London.

“They told me that they had seen a number of cases of children arriving for their first day at school who did not know their name or that they even had a name.” […]

“We do have a problem. Anecdotally, it’s getting worse from what head teachers say.”




  1. Apparently even universities adapt to analphabets:

    (IMO, Bookstores and libraries are our versions of those sort of magical locations throughout human history, where people connect with the minds and thoughts of others, enlarging and deepening their own one’s. E.g. Wim Wenders illustrated this in a scene of “Wings of desire” (in the state library here), here a foto showing how people valued them during war. )

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