Posted by: Alexandre Borovik | July 27, 2011

Baris Paksoy and TUBITAK

TUBITAK, the science funding body of Turkey, rejected a submission from Baris Paksoy to a competition of high school mathematics project as something that could not be written by a schoolboy; this story became a topic of a lively discussion in Turkish newspapers. I have happened to know Baris, have had a chance to read an early version of his project and can attest that is more than likely to be written by him.

Baris Paksoy in the Nesin Mathematics Village, A photo from the Radical newspaper,


  1. this government is destroying the science, humanity and religion in Turkey. They places their voluntary slaves to the all organisations, schools, army anywhere they can. they sold the country and they bought people with this money. this political party (akp) always talks about “God and religion”; they mean “money and no mercy”.
    this boy is the one of the victim of this new world.

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