Posted by: Alexandre Borovik | June 26, 2011

White Paper is coming?

This is from The Telegraph:

The reforms will be outlined in a long-awaited higher education White Paper to be published next week. […]

In a key change, it will propose scrapping existing admission quotas in favour of a more market-based approach […]  reforms include:

  • Allowing top universities to admit as many bright students – those gaining at least two As and a B at A-level – as they want, to promote competition between institutions;
  • Relaxing controls on the number of students taking degree courses at former polytechnics and further education colleges that charge less than £6,000, to keep the student loans bill down;
  • Placing around eight per cent of remaining government-funded places in a central pool and allocating them in an “auction” to institutions with the lowest fees;
  • Giving private education providers more incentives to run degree courses officially accredited by the Government, increasing diversity in the sector.

Judging by first responses to pre-announcements, we should expect a lovely discussion; see, for example, Top students expansion plan ‘could hit social mobility at BBC website.


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