Posted by: Alexandre Borovik | May 28, 2011

RCUK and Hefce step up push for open access

This could  have a tectonic effect on British mathematics:

Research Councils UK and the Higher Education Funding Council for England have agreed to work together to advance the transition to open-access publishing of research

(From Times Higher Education, 28 May 2011; full text.)




  1. I do not understand why journals charge so much for open access. I recently got a paper accepted at one journal, and was thinking of paying extra to have it be open access, assuming the price was reasonable. Then I saw the price: over $3000. WTF? Do they charge it because they can get away with it, because researchers use grants to pay it? Is there any legitimate reason it should cost that much? $3000 could buy an absolutely top-notch premium private webhost for a year and a half. But the journal wanted that to, essentially, host a single PDF, a seven page one even. Is there something I’m just not seeing?

  2. @Xamuel: I believe lost profits are priced in.

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