Posted by: Alexandre Borovik | September 5, 2010

Wastes Management and Mathematics

Unbelievable report in the Telegraph about bizarre degree courses on offer in British univesities (duly linked to from the United Kingdom & Ireland Waste Management & Recycling News):

Northampton University initially had 250 places available through the clearing system, including such courses as Third World Development with Pop Music, Dance with Equine Studies and joint honours in Waste Management and Dance.

The clearing web-site also invites school-leavers to consider a Tournament Golf foundation degree at Duchy College in Camborne, Cornwall.

Glyndwr University, in Wrexham, still had 15 places available on its BSc (Hons) in Equestrian Psychology, which “investigates the unique partnership between horse and rider”.

Subjects which were on offer through clearing at the start of last week, but which filled up during the week, included a degree course in Australian Studies, a joint honours degree in Criminology and Pop Music Production, and another combining Geology and Popular Culture.

A closer look at University of Northampton table of joint degrees demonstrates a complete triumph of modularisation: seemingly arbitrary combinations of degrees are possible, with some random  restrictions, perhaps imposed by timetables. Wastes Management and Dance is indeed possible, as well as Wastes Management and Journalism, which The Telegraph writers do not mention — perhaps because it is not offered for clearance.

But my blog is about mathematics; at Northampton, Mathematics can also be combined with Wastes Management, as well as with German (but, bizarrely, not with French), Equine Studies, and Popular Music, to name a few.

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