Posted by: Alexandre Borovik | September 3, 2010

LMS Elections: my statement


I have been serving as a Trustee and  Member-at-Large of the LMS Council since my election at the AGM in 2006. I served on the Programme Committee and Research Meetings Committee and had a chance to witness the scope and quality of British mathematicians’ research as well as the remarkable efficiency of the LMS grant schemes). 

Since 2010 I am serving on the Education Committee and involved in preparation of a number of education policy documents. Their aim is to help our colleagues in universities around the country to fight their corner and defend the interests of mathematics, mathematicians, and the mathematical community in an increasingly difficult administrative and financial environment.  (You may have a look at the preprint which is my homework covering backgrounds for one of the potential future statements; it does not reflect yet the position of the LMS; comments are welcome.)

LMS is a membership charity, and the majority of its members are  professional academic mathematicians. I seek re-election for my third — and final — term because I believe that in the past the has not always efficiently represent the position of our community. I want to make sure that the voice of the LMS on education issues is more assertive.

I believe that the mode of action of the LMS and its Council on education should be, first of all,

  • listen to the LMS membership;
  • formulate consensus points of its members’ collective expert opinion on those aspects of education policy that affect university level mathematical education (A Levels in particular);
  • as a minimal requirement, avoid supporting positions not shared by the majority of the LMS members.

This brings me to another big project that I am involved in, and hope to continue to work on: I am a member of the project team working on the development of the new LMS website. We strive to make it more informative and allowing direct contributions from the LMS members. I would like to ensure that the new Website will include tools for policy consultations like blogs, discussion groups and wikis for collective online editing of documents.

Quite a number of recent posts in my blog are motivated by my work for the LMS.



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