Posted by: Alexandre Borovik | March 22, 2010

Flat Earth Geometry

A great openning of the new Strogatz’s post:

The most familiar ideas of geometry were inspired by an ancient vision — a vision of the world as flat. From parallel lines that never meet, to the Pythagorean theorem discussed in last week’s column, these are eternal truths about an imaginary place, the two-dimensional landscape of plane geometry.

[with thanks to muriel]



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  2. there was a book called flatland which i read. i was pretty convinced—the earth is flat. (uncle tom friedman of the NYTs proved this later in a peer reviewed newspaper—NYTs (which also had nicholas wade and others who proved many things). i have a map of the earth on my wall—its flat. don’t believe the hype, or you might fall off the edge (internet magazine also). i think deser, n rosen (the r of the ‘EPR’ paradox in quantum theory went through this also—its just a convention (poincare)). the only issue is how to explain the singularities when you get to one end of the earth (asia) and explain how to get to the other (north america). maybe its dark energy or matter. newton – cartan theory is one possible reason, but also you can just take a plane if you can get through TSA. (paper planes by MIA (band on youtube explains planes).

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