Posted by: Alexandre Borovik | March 3, 2010

One more appearance of the Golden Ratio

Wikipedia about Vin Jaune, quite a special wine from Jura:

The wine acquires its characteristic yellow color and nutty flavors as it ages for the requisite time of six years and three months, the time that must elapse between harvest and bottling.  After the allotted time, only about 62% (sic!) of the original wine remains. The vin jaune is then bottled in special squat bottles that hold 62 cl(sic!) (21 ounces), called clavelins. Historically the bottle size alludes to the amount of wine left over after six years of aging and evaporation.

228L barrel of Vin Jaune in the course of maturation at the age of three years. Note the part des anges (angel's share) created by evaporation which is not topped up, permitting the formation of a voile (veil) of active yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae type bayanus on its surface



  1. Why is this notable? It seems that 0.62, here, is just a coincidence.

  2. A quick google of ’62’ for me brings up Ginger62 (a nightclub), Restaurant 62, WWJ62 (a tv station), Luke 9:62 (a bible verse), and a democrat website

    Does this mean all these things are related to the golden ration? No. Its just a number, and its random occurrence is no more meaningful than that of another number. To place importance in its random occurence is IMO on the same level as numerology.

    That being said, it is interesting to point out these similarities, but PLEASE point out that it is nothing more than mere coincidence.

  3. Jeremy, wouldn’t running subtitles for humor impaired ruin the joke?

    • If it was a joke then my apologies. It was far too subtle in that case. It just really bugs me when people sensationalize math.

  4. Why the “(sic!)” after 62% and 62cl? There are no mistakes there.
    Perhaps you meant “(hic!)”? 🙂

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