Posted by: Alexandre Borovik | August 15, 2009

Mathematics under the Microscope

My book “Mathematics under the Microscope” reached the production stage at the American Mathematical Society publishing branch. One of the few last decisions that I will have to make is a choice of a picture for the front cover. Please send me suggestions! I need a nice clean image which acts as a symbol of non-formal, creative aspects of mathematics. Crucially, the image should also be copyright clean. My warmest thanks in advances!

And this is my photograph for the back cover:

Back Cover photo, "Mathematics under the Microscope"


  1. Sorry, but thats a pretty vague description. You could just open MS paint and do something that looks like a Pollock and then call it a NC space.

    Your book is really good. When will it be possible to get a actual copy in the real world in the UK?

    P.S. Don’t make it expensive.
    P.P.S. Or you could have a picture of bubbles bursting.

  2. Why are you sitting in front of a “white!?” board instead of a black board. Bad form, my friend.

  3. “You could just open MS paint and do something that looks like a Pollock . . .”

    No, sorry, not possible. Only genuine Pollocks look like Pollock.

  4. Why not the same slice of the portrait Luca Pacioli as you are using for this site? I love the idea of just seeing the hands and no face.

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