Posted by: Alexandre Borovik | June 1, 2008

A broadside in class warfare

Chris Parry, the chief executive of the Independent Schools Council and a former admiral, made in an interview to The Guardian statements designed to politicise debate about future of British education system. He said, in particular, that

… state school pupils could not be expected to get into top universities if they were bullied by classmates from “disadvantaged backgrounds”.

Asked what the problem with the state sector was, Parry said: “There are too many leaders but not enough leadership, there are a lot of managers and not enough management. There aren’t enough teachers, and aren’t enough teachers in subjects we need. It’s lacking human, material [and] financial resources.” […]

He said it was understandable there was a lack of teachers because of the violence they face in some schools. Asked if he thought that some children in state schools were unteachable, he replied: “Yeah, I think there are contexts within which some children can’t be controlled.”

He also said: “You’ve got this situation in state schools where vast numbers of very good teachers are working with variable quality pupils and variable social context as well.

“How can you expect to get an Oxford graduate out of that group when they are being bullied, they are being influenced … by a group from perhaps a disadvantaged background who have got a different agenda?


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