Posted by: Alexandre Borovik | May 1, 2008

Cutting one sheet of paper . . .

Peter McBurney sent me a link to works by Danish artist Peter Callesen. He added:

I wonder if anyone has developed a mathematical theory of this work, to determine, for example, which cut-out shapes are possible or impossible. Presumably, there would be a link from such a theory to the math. theory of origami.



  1. Yes, of course there is a mathematical theory of Origami. It’s quite beautiful.

    Google for Erik Demaine and Robert Lang.

    In particular, any “polygon with holes” can be obtained from a sheet of paper with a series of folds and one cut.

  2. […] in it. Apparently, conservation laws are not valid in this world, at least not at this scale. from Mathematics under microscope. […]

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