Posted by: Alexandre Borovik | April 21, 2009


A letter from a colleague:

This article on “decision-blindedness” could be viewed as pointing to some more general phenomena. I suspect that analogue to that, “thought”, “idea”, “talent” -blindednesses should exist. If that’s the case, this would have implications for mathematics teaching.

I had a brief post on “change blindedness” at my other blog.

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  1. A book on “…‘dysrationalia’ , i.e. defective reasoning capacity.
    In seeking to elucidate the nature of this disorder, the author proposes a tripartite model of the mind: a lower level of autonomous functioning, an intermediate algorithmic level tapped by IQ tests, and an upper ‘reflective’ level IQ tests leave out of account, This basic model is later further elaborated. ”
    (I have not read it and received the review from a friend)



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